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    Online forms fraud detection using advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

    SmartForms Services

    Detect hostile intent and false reporting in a few minutes online test   

    Financial services false reporting

    False reporting in online insurance, Loan, Social benefit forms can be detected by a short test which indicate who among the applicants may hide significant information while filling up the online form

    Pre-employment Job applicants 

    Job applicants online test which can indicate who among the applicants may hide criminal activity, problematic background or hostile intent

    Insider threat among employees 

    Employees post-employment test which may detect employees which conducted harmful acts Insider threat activities could include liking commercial secretes, theft or damage to company's reputation

    Border control, VISA, Custom 

    Detection of false reporting in online forms of VISA application, border control forms and custom 

    From the people that created COGITO (www.sds-cogito.com

    SmartForms is an advance online form technology assist

    governments, money lenders, insurance companies and employers to mitigate threats

    Business Meeting

    SmartForms© have major benefits with clear ROI: Detect and deter individuals which acted against the company's interest 

    Based on 16 years of servicing law enforcement agencies globally with Artificial Intelligence (AI) human pattern recognition COGITO technology - SmartForms uses this unique knowhow to enable employers, governments, insurance companies, banks and lenders to detect and mitigate external and internal threats. 

    An insider threat is a malicious threat to an organization that comes from people within the organization, such as employees, former employees, contractors or business associates, who have inside information concerning the organization's security practices, data and computer systems. Wikipedia

    Business Meeting

    Check your employees repeatedly  add more detection and deterrence   

    SmartForm test 

    SmartForm offer short and effective test to make sure that none  of the employees, job applicants, travelers, insurance or loan applicant are not hiding critical information or harmful intent.  Each test is design to screen any number examinees in a short time and indicate individuals which should be further checked 


    SmartForm Methodology 

    SmartForm methodology offer data collection and AI based analysis which help to identify sophisticated to manipulate authorities, commercial companies and financial service providers. Periodic or random tests to for continuance hostile activity detection and re-enforce deterrence 

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